The Journey to Managing Your Time



We can easily overlook those things that divert our focus and waste time. This module will identify external distractions and internal interrupters; offer techniques to manage the external; and share self-management techniques to help reduce the internal to keep you focused and on track.


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Email Management Strategies

Email Management Module

Email can speed up communication and reduce physical mail, but it can create information overload. This module will address reducing incoming messages; techniques to help you make active conscious decisions when processing messages, and options to assist with organizing saved messages.


This module will start by helping you look at the bigger picture of what matters most in your life and at work; next share tools to help with the challenge of estimating how long it takes to complete tasks; and finally, share strategies to keep you grounded and focused on your goals.

Task Managmentt


Managing tasks can be challenging. This module will cover the importance of freeing up your brain by collecting all tasks in one place; the difference between a task and a project; how using the 4Ds can help you process your tasks faster; and an easy way to prioritize tasks.